Delivering our product is one of the 3 main processes that we have in this business. It’s very important that we take extremely good care of the sod that we’re delivering.

sod farm

Our product is of very good quality. Most sod suppliers don’t treat their product like we do, in an attempt to reduce costs and increase margins. But we put your satisfaction above our profit margins and we make sure that the transportation of the sod that will be placed on your land is conducted respecting the highest standards in our industry.


After our experts have visited your property and have designed (with you) a plan for the lawn placement, we will schedule a time to deliver the sod and will make sure that the whole delivery process is done as fast as possible, without any compromise to the quality and condition of the product.

To ensure maximum satisfaction on your part, we do not accept jobs that are out of our radius of activity. From our location in Tampa, Florida, we can only travel 200 miles (or equivalent).