Raysbrook Sod was founded by a group of friends and professionals in the landscaping industry. Chris Murray is one of the co-founders, and now the CEO of Raysbrook, company that was started 13 years ago by Murray and 3 friends of his.

The business has been doing incredibly well, and 3 years ago, Chris bought ownership for the entire company since his co-founders decided to move on and start their own ventures.

Our company has grown to 12, 3 of which are part of our executive team:


Chirs Murray
Co-Founder, Owner and CEO

With 5 years of experience in his dad’s landscaping business, Chris decided to start his own company with his friends Joe, Anthony and Michael. Each of them brought something of value to the table, since they were all experienced in the landscaping and sod business. Chris is now the owner of the whole company and is in charge of the executive team.

John Turner

John joined the Raysbrook in 2010, after 7 stressful years in Wall Street. He worked for one of the biggest Investment Banks in the world, but decided to move back to Tampa because of his family. He’s now the Chief Financial Officer of Raysbrook Sod.

Jennifer Murray

Jennifer is Chris’ wife and has worked in the business for the past 6 years. She had a lot of field experience after 3 consecutive years supervising all Raysbrook’s projects and was recently promoted to be the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Marketing Officer for our company. Her strong social media and digital marketing background has allowed Raysbrook Sod to get more exposure for its brand.